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Brakes and Tires

of a car are key components in keeping you and your family safe. Our team of experienced mechanics in Peterborough can check, repair and replace these components of your car for you:


Stopping distance can greatly diminish if your brakes are in poor condition. A common question we hear, is how long should my brakes last? Brake life can be very different due to a large number of variables– Make and model of vehicle, driver habits, vehicle usage (ie. Towing, lots vs. little weight, kms travelled) etc.

Quality parts can make a huge difference in wear time. We stand by our products, offering various warranty options depending on your choice of products. Higher end parts will come with a longer warranty than economy brakes, and we will give you a choice of parts where stock is available.

Regular Brake inspections can help you plan for maintenance. We try to give you a heads up whenever possible – letting you know that you may be due for new brakes in a few months can help budget the cost of vehicle maintenance.

Our brake inspections are $45.00, which is not charged if brakes are needed and installed at our shop.


Tires are the only component of your vehicle that should be touching the road and as such they make a huge difference in drivability. Poor tires can lead to a poor ride. Tires can wear in different ways, which can indicate different problems in things like suspension, alignment, wheel balance etc.

For the most part, you get what you pay for in tires. A lot of engineering is put into designing tires, from tread design to the rubber they’re made of. If you’re unsure which tires are right for you, we’d be glad to discuss that with you. Things like where and how far you drive your vehicle, as well as typical uses are things that will help you decide which tires are best for your needs.

Our vehicle repair company in Peterborough is here to help you with brake and tire repairs. Contact us

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