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Speed. Generally, something we all like. However, the faster one goes the more important the vehicle’s brakes become. By far one of the most important safety systems in your vehicle, properly working brakes will enable you to slow down or stop in a panic stop situation, avoiding an accident and protecting you and your loved one’s safety.


The typical brake system consists of disk brakes in front and either disk or drum brakes in the rear. Disc brakes, which are the most common type of brake assembly, contain brake pads, a rotor, calliper and support. Also part of the brake system are the master cylinder (located in the engine compartment), the brake lines and brake fluid.

Quick-Wear Item

Brakes are a typical wear item, which needs to be replaced regularly. Some of the variables that will play a role in the life-span of your brakes include:

  • Weight (A heavy truck will wear through brake pads much faster than a light compact car),
  • Make and model of vehicle,
  • Driving hab
  • its (Conservative driving habits will extend the life of the brake system),
  • Transmission (Expect a longer life for brake pads on vehicles with standard transmissions),
  • Vehicle usage (Where and how you drive), and
  • Distance travelled.

Replacement Rule of Thumb

Changing brake pads is a crucial part of routine maintenance for your vehicle. We recommend having your brake system inspected with each oil change, or at minimum every 6 months or about every 9,600 km. The general rule for changing brake pads is pretty broad: they should be changed every 32,000 to 96,560 km. Front brakes do most of the hard work, so it is likely that they will need to be changed more often than the back ones.

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Class “A” Automotive has been serving the community of Peterborough and the surrounding area since 1987. Our friendly team of experienced mechanics is standing by to check, repair and replace your car’s brake components for you, ensuring a responsive braking system, which is crucial to keep you and your family safe while driving. Contact us today for more information.

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