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Because tires provide traction on the surface travelled over, they influence a driver’s ability to control his/her vehicle. The type of car tires you select will also play an important role in your ability to drive your car smoothly and safely. For instance, on dry roads not much in the line of tread designs or tread depth are required to deliver traction. When it comes to adverse weather conditions, it is a different ball game.

Winter/Snow Tires

Winter tires are designed to perform better not just in snow, but also in colder weather, freezing rain, ice and slush. They have a tread design with bigger gaps than those on summer tires, offering confident control, increased traction and grip on snow and ice. Snow that becomes packed down in the tire tread could lead to a loss of traction. Therefore, winter tires have large tread blocks and deep grooves to prevent snow build-up. Winter tires are made from a soft rubber compound, which is designed to stay flexible to provide extra traction and stability.

When to Replace Tires?

Most people tend to rely on a tire’s tread depth to determine whether it needs to be replaced or not.  However, because the rubber compounds in a tire deteriorate with time, an older tire poses a safety hazard. Automakers and tire manufacturers alike recommend that tires must be replaced between 5 and 10 years, regardless of the depth of the tread or wear.

As a general rule of thumb, it is recommended to change winter tires at a tread depth of 4 mm to ensure a better grip for winter conditions.  The tires need to compress the snow in their grooves and then to release it as they roll, which is why more tread depth is required in snow.

Different Makes/Models Available

There are a variety of tire makes/models available. In general, when it comes to tires, you get what you pay for.

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